Does T3technet has the option if I want to hire a bigger team for my project?

Yes, with sufficient infrastructure we have a well organized team and set up in order to help you with all time sizes. This way you can choose how many members you want to help you with your project. All of them will be highly qualified and experienced, because quality is something we never compromise in.

To add more to this you will be glad to know that we also have separate rooms for our clients if you want to keep your ideas and projects confidential. We respect our client’s privacy and for this reason we have this facility provided.

What type of software and hardware are provided to your employees?

T3technet provides its employees with best and up to date software and hardware facilities in order to keep both the client as well as their employee satisfied. However, to assure you what faculties we have, we made separate lists to help you have a better insight.


  • Skype web cam
  • Headphones or earphones
  • Printers and scanners
  • Fax machine
  • TFT monitors
  • Strong powerful PCs and laptops
  • Dual or even three screen systems for clients who work on large scales.


  • Common office softwares
  • Windows XP
  • Windows operating system that is license-free.
  • Separate rooms available for conferences and video recording too.

If I ask you to provide my employee with extra hardware or software options, will it be possible?

If you want to get additional hardware or software options you need to speak to our Client Account managers to check if the things required will be easily available or not. Apart from that, softwares that are commonly used can be provided easily.

How much time will you take to scale?

T3technet can quickly scale several employees even at a very short notice. Although our rates may vary in two factors.

  • The nature of the skill that the client wants to hire.
  • The years of experience the client is looking for.


How many days will it take for T3technet to terminate the services for us?

Since our services need time and they cannot be terminated within the first month after employment, you will have to give 15 days’ notice and time in order to terminate our services.

How quickly can you terminate the contract?

You can terminate the contract only after giving a 15 days written notice to the other party. It can either be by the client of the party/company. It works both ways.

Is longer notice period available from your website in case of termination of the services?

Yes, our company can facilitate their clients if they want a longer notice period in case of termination of the contract. Such a request can be accommodated and you need not to worry about the 15 days notice period time duration.

Working with the T3technet employee

Can I test or give a trial before hiring my employee?

Yes, if you want to test your employee before hiring him, you can have a 4 hour trial that is free. But if you want to exceed your trial period time then remember that you will have to pay for that.

Is there a replacement option if any case my employee leaves?

No. Unfortunately we do not offer the replacement option. Although if you are working on a big project and working in a team then the team members will be asked to divide the work accordingly.

Can I also train my employee in case I want to?

Yes, the separate conference rooms are designed especially for you if you want to impart training to your employee. Apart from that, you can also use the Skype webcam facility and telephone etc. for this purpose.

Can I visit my employee at T3technet anytime I want?

Yes, if you are working with one of our employees and want to visit our office, you can easily do that anytime you want without any permission. All you have to do is inform our Human Resource managers about your visiting schedule so they can happily welcome you.

What possible ways are there if I want to communicate with my employee?

You can use whatever means of communication is easy for you. No matter what country you belong, we can also provide our employees with a local telephone number to make it easy for you to contact them via phone or email. Video conferencing, Skype and other messengers can also be used to communicate with your employee.

How do you guys monitor my employee’s work progress?

Making sure if your employee is present and working properly at their workstation is something that we take care of. However we do not monitor their progress and output since that can also be confidential between the client and the employee. The client has to take care and keep an eye on the project’s status.

Is it possible for an employee to come to my country if I plan on imparting onsite training?

Yes, it is possible for you to ask your employee to visit your country/city if you want to give him extra training and exposure regarding your project.

How do I make sure that the employee is only working for me?

By keeping a daily check on your project and your project’s progress, you can ensure that your employee is working for you only. For this you can always contact your employee during office hours and this will help you get updated about the progress he makes in an 8 hour shift.

What shifts can my employee take or work in?

Your employee’s shift hours depends on you only. But it can be either one of the three options available.

  • Indian shift hours
  • Overlapping shift hours
  • Shift hours that suits you.

Is there a possibility of seeing or checking any previous work or sample of the employee before hiring?

Yes, we also provide samples to clients who need them. This way it will become easier for you to choose for your employee or candidate.

Is it possible for me to work with more than one employee?

Yes, it all depends on your project’s requirements. And in this case you can easily work with more than one employee if needed.

How are employees supervised by you?’

Our Human Resource department takes best care when it comes to supervising your employee. With the help of our biometric facility, we keep detailed check on the employees to see if they are coming on time or not. Their attendance is always observed and the CCTV cameras make sure that they work in their workstations.



Q1: Which skills or domains do you offer?

A: T3technet.com offers talented and experienced resources in any form of skill or domain.

Q2: How many employees are working at T3technet.com?

A: T3technet.com have over 1500+ employees currently working with national and international clients and business partners over 27 countries such as UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and North America.

Q3: I want to hire a resource who is expert in English. Is this possible?

A: Yes, it is possible. T3technet.com have proficient English speakers who can help you in carrying out every kind of task you wish to complete.

Q4: Do you provide highly expert and technical employees?

A: Yes. We can provide you with an exceptionally talented technical employees in various fields such as programming and engineering.

Q5: I need a resource that does not have a very strong accent. Is it possible?

A: Yes, it is possible. We have resources in back-office fields who were given voice training and have neutral accents. We also have resources who worked for call centers such as Dell, BT, and IBM. They are familiar with British or American accents.


Q1: Will the T3technet.com employee be employed by me or you?

A: Your T3technet employee is officially employed by us but works exclusively for the client from our head offices in India.

Q2: Is it possible to monitor and operate a live programming evaluation test?

A: Yes, it is possible.

Q3: Do you offer a short duration trail to review your services beforehand?

A: Yes, we do offer a free trial of 4 hours to evaluate the skill levels of your candidate.

Q4: Do we have an option to recruit part-time employees?

A: Yes, we give you an option to recruit part-time employees.

Q5: How can I make sure that the right resource is recruited for the required position?

A: The T3technet.com hiring model has a twin screening process which provides you with an extremely high success rate. It helps you in making sure that the right resource is recruited for the required position.

Our Human Resource department is responsible for the screening process and conducts in-person interviews with each and every candidate who meet the job requirements. Then we forward the resumes of best selected candidates for your review

The second stage of the screening process is then accomplished by you where you analyze, conduct interviews and assign tests to the shortlisted candidates.

You choose the right candidate to do the job for because you are in a better position to know your basic work requirements. You should only recruit a candidate if you think they are the perfect fit for the position. If anywhere you feel that they are lacking certain skills, you can ask for more resumes from us.

Q6: I want to recruit a resource. What next?

A: Once you make a decision to recruit a resource, the second step is to give us a detailed description of the position you want to fill. The ideal description of the job should encompass every relevant information such as education, years of experience, skill set, domain expertise, job duties, and shift timings.

The information is significant as our human resource department will utilize it to hire suitable candidates for your required position. Once we are done shortlisting the suitable candidates, their resumes will be forwarded to you for your further review.

We offer resumes free of charge and it takes 1-2 weeks to forward resumes. However, this time period may vary depending on the kind of resource you want to recruit and the hiring option you have selected: Free or Gold.

Q7: Is it possible to recruit more than one employee at a time?

A: Yes, it is possible. There is certainly no limit to the number of resources you can recruit.

T3technet.com enables you to recruit either the entire team model or a single employee who directly work from our main office in India, unlike freelancers where the team is dispersed all across the world.

Q8: Do I choose the resource that is suitable for me?

A: Yes. You have an authority to choose the suitable candidate for each and every vacancy you want to fill by reviewing the several resumes we provide you with.

We forward you resumes that aligns with your job requirements. You can then review and choose the candidates you are likely to interview.

After the interviewing process, you are suggested to decide if you want to recruit any of these shortlisted candidates.

If you think that you need to assign a test to the candidate, you can do that as well. We will monitor these tests and submit the final results to you.

You can also take an interview through phone or video conferencing at any time suitable for you.

We forward resume and manages the interview of candidates free of charge.

Q9: How can I have the selected candidate start working for me?

A: Before an employee begins working for you, the following things are required:

  1. Signed contract receipt
  2. Payment of the first invoice
  3. Payment of the notice period of 15 days.

Q10: When can an employee begin working for me?

A: Once you have chosen the candidate, the services can be available to you as soon as possible. The same condition applies for when you select the entire team model to work for you.

On the other hand, if you have recruited a non-in-house resource, then the services can be available to you after:

  1. The resource has completed the notice period to their current employer.
  2. We receive the copy of the signed contract, payment of the first invoice and payment of the notice period from you.

Q11: Is it possible to recruit an employee on a part-time basis and then at a later stage recruit the same resource on a full-time basis?

A: Yes, it is possible only if the part-time employee is free to handle the full-time responsibilities. In addition, it is only possible with our team model. Nonetheless, if this is something you want to consider, kindly get in touch with our Client Account Managers (CAM).

Data Security:

Q2: My product information is a highly valuable intellectual property. How can I make sure that my data is not shared or used by any other companies when the resources have all the important data and reside outside of my office?

A: At T3technet.com, the security of data and information is the topmost priority, and we strive to protect a customer’s valuable information and intellectual property in any way possible. The following measure we take for data protection:

  1. Our customer’s resource works in a virtual environment in which his PC is linked with your system. This makes sure that your highly critical data and the intellectual property gets stored straight on your system and not on the resource’s desktop.
  2. 2. You can ask our IT staff to disable any application, webmail, and software in your employees’ desktop or laptop. You can even request that your employee be denied access to particular websites.
  3. You may even request to disable every external drive and accessory such as CDS and DVDs on your employee’s system.
  4. Moreover, our every employee is bound to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the customer which has extreme penalties for any kind of violation.

Q3: Can I have particular websites disabled on my employee’s system?

A: Yes, you can request any of our IT members to block particular websites on your employee’s system.

Q4: Can I have an ownership of work done by your employee?

A: Yes, you can have ownership of the work. All the work that is done by our employee for the customer, it belongs exclusively to the customer eventually — be it products, ideas, and inventions.

Embedded Design & Development Engineers

Only 50% of PCB Prototypes Prosper in the First Attempt, it is 80% at T3technet.com

The success rate of PCB prototypes is quite low that results in unintentional loss of time, money and opportunity. You get access to 2500+ accredited and tested PCB elements and footprints when you recruit an embedded system engineer from T3technet.com. In addition to that, you are awarded an opportunity to work with professional and highly skilled embedded engineers who acquire a firm understanding of embedded system solutions and design strategy.

The experts at T3technet.com make it one of the highly effective embedded systems corporations in India with their professional experience and skillfulness at work. T3technet.com reduces the overall product evolution lifecycle with an efficient embedded system development method. This results in increasing the chances of the victory of PCB prototypes. In simple words, T3technet.com is amongst the top-notch embedded systems companies in India.

T3technet.com’s Embedded Design & Development Facilities

The Embedded development team of T3technet.com has immeasurable skills in every dimension of embedded system design and development. It typically ranges from requirement accumulation, writing project architecture, design strategies, the 3D effect of PCB layout, software codes, and writing firmware to the final project compilation. All of these are done by the super-efficient team of T3technet.com.


Embedded Architect / Manager

Recruit a versatile and professional embedded architect and manager for managing your project. You get:

  1. 10+ years of experiences in architectural system
  2. Expert in strong troubleshooting
  3. Project development with end-to-end solutions


They make your life easy.

An embedded architect and manager is not only a professional but also a versatile resource who are capable of skillfully managing each and every aspect of embedded design and development that includes research and development, documentation, implantation of an idea or the final outcome.

They are trained to put their utmost efforts in every aspect of development such as IDE, R&D, protocol and microcontroller along with handling a team of developers.

T3technet.com’s experts at helping customers get license

The embedded architects and managers at T3technet.com have rich and extensive experience in each and every embedded technology. They not only have assisted in handling the great portfolio of the international clients but also helped them in applying for a license for the layouts that have originated in our offices.

The dedicated Architects and Managers from T3technet.com can do the following:

  1. Discuss, delineate and comprehend your requirements
  2. Write initial, tentative and final
    1. Design Specification Document
    1. Software Specification document
    1. Hardware Specification Document
  3. Complete involvement in technical review  to finalize the document
  4. Implementation of an idea by creating hardware and software engineer teams
  5. Handle and prove the team’s work
  6. Chart out the daily and weekly progress report
  7. Hardware-software integration by the team
  8. Project documentation, demonstration and delivery

Embedded Architects have a vast knowledge of modern technology

  1. 10+ years of experience in architectural system
  2. 10+ years of vast experience with electronics and design for embossed systems
  3. 10+ years of experience in designing and architecting to execute the embedded  system device
  4. 20+ years of experience in microcontrollers and writing device drivers for embedded devices.


Circuit and PCB design are considered to a highly complicated task that required an extreme level of expertise. T3technet.com is amongst the few embedded system companies in India that provide the service of Circuit and PCB design. They are offering the following benefits:

  1. Access to Tina, Multisim, LTSpiceIV.
  2. Expertise in tools such as Eagle, Orcad, Altium, Diptrace, 3D design, and hardware testing
  3. Chance to recruit professional embedded system engineers and project managers.


98% of PCB Design Prototypes Created by the T3technet.com Team have excelled in Field Trials

This rare milestone achieved by T3technet.com is certainly remarkable. According to a study of Mentor Graphics, o printed circuit boards, the layer counts have remained the same but the area has decreased by 33% and the weight has risen by 25%. The projects can only succeed when the entire development process is highly streamlined. For this, T3technet.com is one of the well-known PCB companies in India to join your hands with.  On recruiting professional designers from T3technet.com, you gain access to 2800+ tested PCB elements and footprints that save your time by reducing human error.

T3technet.com’s PCB Design Services

1.      Circuit Designing

If you are in search for high speed, low-level analog designs, multi-layered Circuit, and PCB designs, high frequent RF/Microwave PCB design and automating dense PCB design, you can count on T3technet.com’s Circuit and PCB design experts.

2.      PCB Design

The PCB design process is very complicated and requires a lot of skills. The PCB design engineers at T3technet.com acquire the required expertise and experience to make your products come to life during a fixed timing and budget.

3.      PCB Testing and Verification

You can avoid faulty circuit boards that can result in your loss of time with the help of the PCB design team at T3technet.com that can accredit and test the most complicated PCBs. This process includes flexural endurance testing, continuity testing, microcontroller/microprocessor testing and debugging.          

Avail These 8 Capabilities of T3technet.com’s PCB Design Engineers

  1. Documentation
  2. Memory Layout
  3. Design and Development
  4. Prototyping Facilities
  5. Design Circuits
  6. Fabrication
  7. High-density Designs
  8. Testing and Debugging

15 Key Roles of T3technet.com’s PCB Design Team

  1. Linking 3D models
  2. Fast analog and digital routing
  3. Executing the circuit on NI-ELVIS
  4. Use of Tina, Multisim or LTSpiceIV
  5. Making net classes
  6. Transforming the schematics into the board
  7. Provision of complete 3D model
  8. Establishing libraries for each project
  9. Component placement
  10. Manual routing of the board for 2, 4, 6, 10, and 12 layer PCBs
  11. Contacting analog devices
  12. Designing the schematics using Eagle, Altium, Diptrace, and Orcad
  13. Making of Gerber data
  14. Sending tested hardware to the software development team
  15. Post-production check and Hardware testing
  16. 3D component development


Recruit embedded software and firmware engineers with a vast experience in every aspect of embedded software and firmware development at 70% less price. The benefits of hiring them are as follows:

  1. Experienced in using tools such as PIC, AVR, XMOS, PSOC04, ARM and more.
  2. Access to codes and energy.
  3. 40+ years of experience in embedded firmware development.


Customized Embedded Software and Firmware

Are you struggling with the procedure of recruiting the right embedded software experts? Or the lack of right expertise affecting your revenue? If your answer is yes’ to any of these, then you must consider recruiting competitive embedded software engineers with T3technet.com.

We assist you in recruiting engineers with relevant experience of managing microcontrollers such as PSOC04, XMOS, AVR, LPC17xx, and Marvell MCU. These extremely experience resources can work on every aspect of programming languages ranging from VC++ to C#. VB.Net, LABVIEW, MATLAB R2009a, and Embedded C. They are trained with every kind of IDEs like MPLABX and KEIL uVision 4.

Choose your Embedded Software Developers

You can pick and choose any of our team members of embedded software developers. In return, we can assist you in recruiting custom skill sets from a wide variety of talent available in India.

T3technet.com’s embedded software developers

  1. Modify your application with their relevant knowledge of design
  2. Use resources to enhance the performance of your application
  3. Work on embedded platforms such as ARM
  4. Work on free RTOS, small RTOS, and Linux
  5. Write device low-level driver
  6. Write application level codes
  7. Write PC application
  8. Create high-speed software according to industry standards

T3technet.com’s embedded software and firmware developers deliver custom development solutions for:

  • Sensors
  • Controllers
  • Single-purpose Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Home Automation Devices

 The portfolio of T3technet.com’s embedded software solutions also have:

  1. Supervising and control
  2. Real-time data collection
  3. Data collection and storage
  4. Digital signal processing
  5. Microcontroller programming
  6. Real-time data processing
  7. Middleware development

Embedded Testing and Verification Engineer

Save up to 50% development time by recruiting highly skilled and experienced embedded testing and verification engineers from T3technet.com. The benefits include:

  1. Error-free system
  2. Skilled in using modern testing and verification devices
  3. Model-based testing
  4. Loop simulation for control modules


A highly skilled embedded verification engineer can decrease your time by 50%

There are many errors in an embedded system that are unable to detect until they go through the test phase. T3technet.com’s embedded testing and verification engineers utilize the verification devices throughout the development process to highlight the design errors beforehand.

T3technet.com has an in house team of skilled and professional verification engineers that you can recruit. They are skilled in test scripts, test automation and delivering system. They are trained with modern tools such as NI-ELVIS-II, Function Generators, Data Logger, Digital Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzers. However, we do not have these tools but we can easily work with the customer if they provide us with them.

T3technet.com’s embedded testing and verification skills:

  1. Module integration testing
  2. Hardware Power testing
  3. Post-production check
  4. Creation of Report
  5. Hardware testing with MCU code
  6. Hardware and Software integration

Tools used by engineers:

  1. Logic Analyzers
  2. Digital Oscilloscope
  3. Function Generators
  5. Date Logger


1.      Database of Verified Components:

T3technet.com – a renowned embedded system company in India gives you access to a large database of 2500+ verified and tested elements and footprints, making sure that your PCB board excels in the very first try.

2.      Extremely Talented Resources:

T3technet.com’s architect is amongst the co-inventors in the United States Patents owned and files by our current customers.

3.      Unparalleled Development Speed:

Our T3technet.com’s engineers transform eight concepts into circuit and hardware each month, resulting in the production of 96 newly accumulated PCBs every year without a break.

4.      In-Depth Skills:

You can recruit highly professional and talented resources with a variety of expertise. We can assist you in hiring embedded software developers without any hassle at the lowest price in the country.

Some projects handled by T3technet.com’s embedded team

  1. High Db Sound detection and alert system
  2. 32-bit microcontroller board
  3. 32 bit Linux board
  4. Sensor board
  5. Wireless boards
  6. Single-phase energy meters
  7. PSU (Power supply Unit) Design

Recruit Engineers And Architects For Customized Solutions

Multiple layered Board Design, and EMI/EMC Complaint Design

Room Layout Design, Fire Proof Systems, Electrical Diagrams, MEP Design

3D Rendering, 2D Drafting, 3D, CAD, CAM, Architectural Fly Through and Photo Montage

CAD Conversion, 3D CAD, Machine Design, Solid Modelling

Cost Effective Solutions:

From electrical and plumbing to layering and conversion; from drafting and designing to the time-taking drafting, our architects and engineers bring their expertise and talent on board.

T3technet.com’s engineers and architects have dealt with complicated projects for international customers all across the United States and Australia. They have become an extension of the customer’s own in-house team.

Our pleasant working environment makes sure that they can deliver bespoke engineering services. In addition to that, we provide security measures to protect your critical data. Every engineer or an architect you hire, they have access to the latest online coordination tools and can work in close collaboration with you.


AutoCAD Designers:

T3technet.com’s dedicated AutoCAD designers make use of the modern hardware and software to cater to all kinds of drawing projects related to AutoCAD.  These professionals are well versed and have a commendable track record of executing and delivering the highest quality solutions.


Designs based on climate and local weather

Strict follow of local rules and bylaws

Focus on space crunch utilization

HVAC, interior and exterior designing

Contemporary and futuristic design solutions

AutoCAD Services and Solutions:

The most essential part of engineering, architecture and manufacturing industries is the CAD portfolio. It allows AutoCAD Designers to have a look at objects in various representations and verify their feasibility and performance in 3D animation.

The high-end CAD software, strategies, and tools offer enhanced productivity while saving money and time.

For a pre-sales marketing strategy, 2D and 3D animation and modeling provide a visual display of the introductory design.

Easy design alteration has been made possible with CAD software.

It permits the design team to test the dynamic relationships and circuits between various parts of a system. It saves costs on modifying prototypes and buying parts.

Quick consolidation of design and manufacturing processes through the computer-assisted manufacturing system.

Reproduction of design copies by CAD software.

Access control features to protect important document.

Why do most business need CAD services?

Our CAD designers provide a wide variety of CAD services in a=mechanical, architecture, civil engineering, and structural design firms as well as cartography, landscaping, automotive and interior design in India. Our expert engineers and architects offer cost-effective CAD drafting services in India.

Civil Solutions:

3D view

Floor Plan

2D detail view

Interior part view

Exterior part view

3D view

Building services

Planting and Exterior view

Industrial building layout

Rendering view

Commercial building layout

Community building plan

Affordable Rates:

We provide CAD professional well trained in modern CAD tools, work methods, industry best practices, and technologies. They deliver the best CAD solutions, regardless of the complexity of the given project.

Our designers make sure that the delivered project is according to the standards such as annotation, CAD layer, file naming, etc. to help smooth flow of design and drawings between various teams and departments.

Our CAD services are cost-effective with which you can save up to 70% with the top-notch quality.


T3technet.com has handled the following projects so far:

  1. Guns
  2. Containers
  3. Key rings
  4. Petrol Pumps
  5. Beach resorts
  6. Mirror sensors
  7. Wooden products
  8. Steamer boats
  9. Cake icing frames
  10. Robotic machines


  1. Naviswork
  2. Solidworks
  3. Revit
  4. Inventor
  5. Sketch Up
  6. Solid Edge
  7. SAP 2000
  8. STAAD Pro

Why T3technet.com?

  1. Responsible Data Security
  2. IT and Infrastructure Support
  3. Scalability


Our highly skilled mechanical electrical plumbing engineers have in-depth knowledge and expertise in plant room layout design, electrical diagrams, MEP design, and fire protection systems, etc. You can collaborate with these dedicated resources because they work from our own office.


MEP Services:

Mechanical Electrical Engineering companies make massive investments in drafting and design. They play a huge part in the success of every MEP project. The highest expenses are typically involved to recruit MEP engineers along with the expensive software and hardware.

These make drafting and designing a highly expensive process. To tackle this problem, T3technet acquires the perfect solution – MEP engineers. These versatile and experience employees have a commendable track of record of executing and delivering bespoke MEP services to customer all across the world.

Once you recruit an MEP engineer, the employee works tirelessly to give you quality service – be it plumbing drafting or drawing.

  1. T3technet.com utilizes its customer-centric process to assist you in hiring customized MEP engineers.
  2. Recruit MEP engineers
  3. Recruit one engineer or a full team – whatever is your requirement.

MEP Services:

  1. Stormwater layout facilities
  2. Effluent treatment plant design
  3. Drainage system layout facilities
  4. Water provision and sewerage facilities
  5. Fire protection system design services

MEP Technologies:

  1. Digital Prototyping
  2. 3D mechanical software
  3. CAD software
  4. Piping software
  5. CAM software

Four Ways to Recruit MEP engineer:

  1. Brief us about your requirements
  2. Choose the best resume of shortlisted candidates
  3. Interview your selected candidate via video call or phone.
  4. Assign them any test you want.
  5. Hire them and begin working


You can recruit mechanical engineers with T3technet.com who have extensive experience in CAD conversion, 3D CAD, solid modeling, and machine design and drafting. These dedicated resources work exclusively for you from our office in India.


T3technet.com gives you an opportunity to recruit mechanical design engineers. Regardless of the general mechanical engineering work, our reliable remote resources manage computer-aided engineering analysis such as thermal analysis, fatigue analysis, and static analysis.


T3technet.com’s structural and civil engineers have the skills and experience of executing and delivering quality solutions on 3D modeling, 2D drafting, BIM, architectural drawings and drawings for unique structures.


Structural engineering is an industry that represents a large variety of processes on both hardware and software planes. The entrepreneurs and companies involved in this industry have know-how about these processes regardless of the kind of any given task.

You have to recruit resources to look after the civil engineering services — be it 2D drafting, structural analysis, structural steel design or 3D CAD. However, the recruitment process takes a lot of time and resources.

To recruit civil engineer, T3technet.com is the ideal place in India. Your chances of getting the right resources multiply with T3technet.com, whether you want to recruit CAD or Structural Engineers.

  1. Recruit reliable structural engineers with T3technet.com.
  2. Recruit reliable structural engineers from US $1495 – $2595 each month.
  3. Either hire a team or an electrical engineer, depending on your requirements.

Civil Engineering Services:

  1. Construction Documentation Services
  2. Civil 3D Services
  3. Structural Steel Design
  4. Steel Services
  5. Steel Structure 3D Modeling Services
  6. Structural 2D Drafting


3D Mechanical Design Software: Autodesk Inventor

Digital Prototyping: AutoCAD & Autodesk Max Design

Piping Software: CAEPIPE

CAD Software: Alibre Xpress & SmartDraw

CAM Software: AlphaCAM & EdgeCAM

4 Steps to recruit Civil Engineer:

1.         Brief us about your requirements

2.         Choose the best resume of shortlisted candidates.

3.         Choose your team by testing or interviewing candidates.

4.         Hire them and kick start you work.

Mechanical engineers recruited with T3technet.com are customized professionals who work in close collaboration with you similar to in house employees. T3technet.com has a massive talent pool of engineers who do not only deliver the best solutions but also help you save cost.

  1. Recruit mechanical engineers from US $1495 – $2595 each month.
  2. Recruit either a team or a mechanical engineer.
  3. Pick your mechanical engineer through our distinctive hiring process.


  1. CAM Software: AlphaCAM, EdgeCAM, TubeCAD
  2. 3D Mechanical Design Software: Autodesk Inventor
  3. Piping Software: CAEPIPE, CAESAR 11
  4. Digital Prototyping: AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical, Autodesk 3ds Max Design
  5. CAD Software: AutoCAD, SmartDraw, Alibre Design Xpress, Unigraphics

8 Reasons to recruit mechanical engineer from T3technet.com:

  1. Idea to Prototype CAD
  2. End-to-end Abilities
  3. Quick Turnaround Time
  4. Cost-Effective
  5. Lifecycle Management
  6. Complete Engineering Designs
  7. Element Modelling Professionals
  8. Finite Element Scrutiny

4 Steps to recruit mechanical engineer:

  1. Brief us about your requirements
  2. Choose the best resume of shortlisted candidates.
  3. Choose your team by testing or interviewing candidates.
  4. Hire them and kick start your work.


Recruit electronics engineers who can design and develop electronic devices such as communication systems and broadcast ranging from global positioning systems to portable music players. Our resources work for you from our office in India and give you bespoke and top quality solutions.


Recruit reliable electronics engineers with a vast experience in analog electronics, consumer electronics, and digital electronics and print circuit boards, etc.

We assist you in recruiting electronics engineer who can develop and design electronic devices such as communications and broadcast systems ranging from global positioning systems to portable music players.

T3technet.com’s electronic engineers can plan bespoke solutions for industries like aerospace, healthcare and can design electronics equipment.

  1. Recruit your own electrical engineer according to your requirements.
  2. Recruit reliable structural engineers from US $1495 – $2595 each month.
  3. Either hire a team or an electrical engineer, depending on your requirements.


3D Mechanical Design Software: Autodesk Inventor

Digital Prototyping: AutoCAD, Autodesk Design

Piping Software: CAEPIPE

CAD Software: Alibre Xpress, AutoCAD

CAM Software: AlphaCAM, EdgeCAM

4 Steps to recruit Electronics Engineer:

1.            Brief us about your requirements

2.            Choose the best resume of shortlisted candidates.

3.            Choose your team by testing or interviewing candidates.

4.            Hire them and kick start you work.

Electrical Engineers

Our reliable electrical engineers can prove to be your made-to-order employees because you recruit these resources directly from the Indian pool of talent. These resources acquire skills in electrical panel layout, 2D drafting, electrical wiring diagram, and electrical design, etc.


Recruit reliable Electrical Engineers from T3technet.com. Our experts have skills in electrical 2D drafting, electrical wiring diagram, electrical design, electrical panel layout, etc.

Our electrical engineers can easily manage layouts for light fixtures, egress, emergency lighting, and occupancy sensors. Our electrical engineers can provide you with CAD drawings for electrical planning, electrical paneling, and housing schematic drawings.

T3technet.com’s remote resources have a vast knowledge and experience in computer-assisted drafting, CATV, audio-video systems and drawing of security systems.

Outsourcing electrical engineers from T3technet.com is the best decision you ought to make because we have a variety of talent from India. They do not only succeed in providing the perfect solutions for your requirements but also help you in saving costs.

Be it a schematic drawing, electrical paneling, or CAD drawing for housing electrical layout, T3technet.com have the best professional who will work day and night for you to bring you the best outcome possible.

  1. T3technet.com assists you in hiring customized electrical engineers.
  2. Recruit dedicated electrical engineers from US $1495 – $2595 each month.
  3. Recruit one electrical engineer or a full team – whatever is your requirement.


3D Mechanical Design Software: Autodesk Inventor

Digital Prototyping: AutoCAD, Autodesk 3Ds Design

Piping Software: CAESAR II

CAD Software: Alibre Design Xpress, AutoCAD

CAM Software: AlphaCAM, EdgeCAM

4 Steps to recruit Electrical Engineer:

1.            Brief us about your requirements

2.            Choose the best resume of shortlisted candidates.

3.            Choose your team by testing or interviewing candidates.

4.            Hire them and kick start you work.

IT Outsourcing Services

Reliable Programmers and Developers Available for Recruitment

  1. Expert programmers and developers are available at cost-effective prices
  2. Choose interview experts before recruiting
  3. Extensive international exposure
  4. 20% cost saving
  5. Either choose our team model or devoted employee

Recruit .NET, PHP, Java, C++ programmers and developers from India

  1. Recruit reliable developers to work primarily for you
  2. Recruit T3technet.com team of developers that work together under the same roof
  3. We have a vast database of talented and professional programmers and developers
  4. T3technet.com’s in house team has dealt with more than 500 projects so far
  5. We have a huge clientele from the United Kingdom, Unites States, New Zealand, and Australia
  6. The selected candidates have already been interviewed
  7. You have a chance to interview and choose the suitable candidate for you
  8. You can kick start your work with candidates as soon as you want

IT Outsourcing Services:

Web Developer:

Recruit a reliable website developer coder who can handle your programming and development requirements as your exclusive employee. They can assist you with HTML development, J2EE programming, website development, ASP.NET development, ASP programming, and Ajax development.

  1. ZEND Framework
  2. PHP Programming
  3. HTML Programming
  4. ASP Programming
  5. ASP.NET Development Services
  6. Website Development
  7. Ajax Development
  8. J2EE Programming

CMS Developer:

Recruit reliable CMS Developers from T3technet.com who can design bespoke content management systems for you. Our CMS developers are proficient in DOTNETNUKE, Typo3, TYPOlight development, Drupal, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, and WordPress.

  1. DotNetNuke Development
  2. Magento Development Services
  3. TYPOlight Development
  4. Typo3 Development
  5. WordPress Development
  6. ExpressionEngine Development
  7. Drupal Development Services

Software Developer:

T3technet.com’s exceptionally talented software developers can manage projects ranging from bespoke software development to VB.NET development, .NET programming, Python programming, Java programming, Application development, and Flex programming.

  1. Flex Programming
  2. Java Programming
  3. Python Programming
  4. VB.NET Development
  5. Custom Software Development
  6. Application Development

Software Testing:

Recruit a diligent software tester to manage your software testing requirements such as Black-box testing, Automated software testing, White-box testing, and Manual software testing.

  1. Black-box Testing
  2. Automated Software Testing
  3. White-box Testing
  4. Manual Software Testing

Database Administrator:

Recruit our expert database administrator from T3technet.com to work exclusively for you on making error-free and streamlined database management systems such as Relational database management systems, Object-oriented database, Data mining, Multidimensional DBMS, DBMS, Relational databases, Network databases.

  1. DBMS
  2. Data Mining
  3. Object-oriented Database
  4. Multidimensional DBMS
  5. Relational Databases
  6. Network Databases
  7. Relational database management systems

Ecommerce Solutions:

Recruit marketing professionals who will exclusively work for you to provide you with bespoke e-commerce solutions such as E-commerce marketing, E-commerce solutions, and SSL certificates to improve your revenue and client base.

  1. SSL Certificates
  2. E-commerce Marketing
  3. Magento Development

Recruit Content Writers

Spellbind your target audience with high converting web pages, captivating blogs, and enlightening eBooks

Plagiarized free content

Well researched content

Audience-centric content

International Tone

Impeccable Content for a Successful Marketing

Let’s suppose you have clicked on a website. The visually appealing design catches your attention. Then you start going through the content…and wince. The poor content diminishes the initial impression that the website succeeded in cheating on you. You hit the close button because of utter disappointment.

Sounds familiar?

That’s how the written word on the web strongly impacts you, even today. Hence the phrase, ’Content is King’ was coined for a purpose, denoting the fact that the content continues to rule the online space.

The Art of Copywriting:

Your targeted clients will review your content for just about 8 seconds before moving on to something else, or maybe something better. You merely have eight seconds to capture the attention of your audience, persuade them and transform them into your reliable customers.

You can pull it off with T3technet.com’s professional content writers who have honed their skills in winning 35 formulas for creating headlines. You do not need to recruit a freelance writer anymore when you have T3technet.com’s highly skilled resources just one click away.

Versatile Writers:

T3technet.com is a hub of content writing services that are highly cost effective. You will get to find various experts in almost every industry to write content – be it lifestyle, fashion, travel, real estate or software solutions.

With the help of T3technet.com, you give your brand credibility along with the powering up of your presence on Google search engine. Our unique keyword-centric SEO content writing strategies help you in enhancing your brand.

From press release writing services to blog writing services, T3technet’s content experts offer every kind of content solution you brand needs while you get to save 70% in costs.

Type of Content:

Website & SEO Content

Get keyword-centric content with our website content writer to power up your Google search engine results (SERPs).

Social Media Content:

Reach out to your targeted audience through catchy content for your various social media platforms.

Articles and Blogs:

We provide well-researched articles and blog posts on every niche for your websites.

White Papers:

We provide professional convincing and authoritative white papers that are composed after thorough research.

Landing Pages for Paid Campaigns:

Attract visitors on your landing/PPC pages to click the ‘Call-to-Action’ button through engaging, convincing and powerful content.

Legal Content:

T3technet.com’s writers are well aware of the legal systems internationally. They can manage all kinds of legal writing requirements.

Technical and Medical:

T3technet.com’s content team can bring to the creative limelight in highly niche fields ranging from engineering reviews to documenting surgical methods.

Press Releases and Newsletters:

You can rule the online media through news-relevant content from journalists as part of T3technet.com’s press release writing services.

EBooks, Brochures and Presentation:

Get information-rich brochures, appealing MS PowerPoint presentations and publish your own eBooks with T3technet.com’s writing wizards.


Captivate your audience with the highly impactful speech written by T3technet.com’s wordsmiths.

Travel and Lifestyle:

Attract the audience to your online social media pages with enticing and winning content.

CVs and Cover Letters:

Get your dream job with the powerful and convincing CV along with the neatly written cover letter that enhances your persona.

Product and Service Descriptions:

T3technet.com make sure that your products and services catch the attention of your customers by means of engagingly worded descriptions.

Editing and Proofreading:

Highly professional editors having an in-depth knowledge of the media world, are able to transform your rough drafts and concepts into intriguing pieces of content.

Book Pitches:

T3technet.com’s team helps you in drafting a powerful pitch that will wow publishers.


Entice your readership with the online and offline fiction that has a powerful dose of creativity and language expertise.

Movie Scripts:

T3technet.com gives a powerful dimension to your movie idea with a strong script that will turn your idea into a must-watch flick.

Know Your Team:

Your T3technet.com writers come with a powerful combination of expertise, experience, artistry, and speed. The following numbers will show you why you need our writers for content writing services.

  1. 15 editors, proofreaders, professional writers
  2. 150+ years of experience
  3. 170+ white papers and eBooks delivered to customers from the US, UK, and Australia
  4. 200+ info-graphics designed and delivered for customers.
  5. 15000+ words written on average every day

Good Content is a Key to Digital Marketing Success:

To rule over the highly competitive digital marketing space, you need the flawless content that can help you in surpassing your rivals in a matter of second. In order to do that, you need T3technet.com’s professional content writers.

Since the content writing and digital marketing overlap so closely, T3technet.com provide you with content writers who can not only produce impeccable content for any digital marking activity but also get it done with a deep insight and experience.

Six Wining Digital Marketing Strategies:

1.      Storytelling

Entice your audience with a powerful story they cannot resist. T3technet.com’s content writers craft words and phrases in order to touch the right chords with your targeted audience. Our content writers are well versed with the techniques of storytelling and they can help script videos and more.

2.      Value Prepositions

T3technet.com helps you developing your own very appealing and convincing value prepositions so that your clients thoroughly comprehend why they must go with you. Most of the companies do not focus on creating a powerful value proposition which is the foundation of all marketing content. However, T3technet.com can take charge of that and help you in crafting your desired value proposition.

3.      Help instead of sell:

The worst scenarios are that when companies try to sell instead of help through their corporate blogs. T3technet.com’s content writers will help you in rising from the clutter and turning heads of people with your uniquely different style.

4.      Influence your audience:

You have merely eight seconds to grab the attention of your audience and keep them stayed on your website for a longer time. With the right words and phrases written by T3technet.com’s writers, you will be able to do that.

5.      Convincing Copywriting:

The compelling copywriting is the key to every good landing pages and advertisements. We can do the following for you:

  1. Highlighting the benefit in your ad.
  2. Usage of persuasive headlines
  3. Get higher click through rates
  4. Low bounce rates landing pages

6.      The psychology of human motivation:

T3technet.com’s writers are trained to trigger human emotions through convincing and appealing copywriting.

Four Benefits of T3technet.com:

  1. We provide sample articles for checking before you recruit a content writer from T3technet.com.
  2. You get 100% ownership of the content from our content writers that will make your brand stand out.
  3. T3technet.com’s Content Head is an author and ex-journalist with certifications in copywriting and value prepositions.
  4. T3technet.com writers have in-depth knowledge of global writing styles such as AP, AFP, BBC and Chicago Manual.

T3technet.com’s flexible hiring models:

1.      Full-Time Model

Choose a writer to work exclusively for you on a full-time basis.

2.      Part-Time Model:

You can also recruit resources on a part-time basis.

3.      Ad-hoc Model:

Choose our Ad-hoc model when the volume of work changes where you pay as you consume.

4.      Team Model:

For your project that need multiple writers, choose our team model.

Mobile App Development

Recruit Mobile App developers in India

  • We have a team of more than fifty experienced Mobile App developers
  • We have more than two fifty prototypes and apps
  • Cross platform expertise in formulating Native and hybrid mobile apps
  • Skilled in applying virtualization to apps

Our mobile app development is 25% to 35% quicker than our competitors


If someone launches your app idea before you have?

You don’t need to worry because T3technet.com will not let that happen

How can we do it?

As a client, you will pay just for one employee but you will get a designer, developer and tester who will work for you at various stages in the formulation of the app. They will all collaborate with each other as one team. This will enable your launch time to decrease by 25 to 35% 

Unlike most companies in india where UX designer, developer , backend developer and tester suggest their individual timeline, T3technet.com does not do that. This process takes extends the deadlines. Developer, designers and tester at T3technet.com tend to work as a one team and achieve short deadlines.

T3technet.com proffers multiple options to recruit mobile app developers from India. These mobile app developers can be hired for full time, part time or hourly basis. T3technet.com has more than fifty developers who have the combined experience of approximately two fifty years. 

Once you outsource your mobile development to T3technet.com you get an all in one benefit. The developer of mobile app works closely with the developer, who works distinctively for your project. 


Development services of Mobile app 

You can recruit mobile app developers at the cost that you would be paying in your country. Recruiting an Indian app developer suggest that you get double advantage of saving cost and getting a highly exclusive app.

New App development

You can create your dream app with T3technet.com

  • After you have given your idea, we evaluate the competition, check how many apps have already been installed, their ratings and reviews
  • The UI/UX experts at T3technet.com formulate data architecture where they do the brainstorming regarding the presentation and organization of data and the function of your app
  • After this, your developer will make decisions in regard to the tools and technologies to provide you with hybrid apps that will enable you to make money
  • After the app has been developed, it undergoes extensive testing involving functional integration and UI. This is done to make sure the app is free of bugs and prepared to be launched

The team of T3technet.com is expert in: 

  • Business apps
  • Makeover services
  • Education apps
  • Mobile app UI/UX 
  • Widget mobile development
  • Social media mobile applications
  • Post launch support and maintenance
  • IoT (Internet of things) App development
  • Enterprise apps
  • M-commerce mobile applications
  • Reengineering of existing application
  • Entertainment apps

Why should you recruit the mobile app developers of T3technet.com?

  • It does not have any long term contact
  • The team uses frisky technology and customized it for the development of mobile apps for clients 
  • The developers are proficient in English
  • We maintain transparency throughout the contract
  • Two fifty years plus of combined experience
  • The app makeover takes place within ten days

We will turn your idea into reality 

If you have an idea about an app

  • Native App development: The mobile development team is highly experienced in creating and designing native apps for android, window phones, IOS, using the newest SDKs in every domain
  • HTML5 Hybrid: Using HTML5, CSS and Javascript the developers of T3technet.com give feature rich, business centric platform mobile apps
  • Cross platform app development: T3technet.com was among the first Xamarin expertise when it was launched in the market. These cross-platform apps can be easily run on iOS, Android and windows
  • Wearables: whether it is google glass, apple watch, augmented reality or android wear, the app developers at T3technet.com completely are aware of the new trends and design apps that have new features
  • iOT: The developers at T3technet.com give high end IOT based solutions which enhance the business efficiencies, they also improve the experience of customers and build a smart link between people, processes and machines. 

We have expertise in more than 15 app development platforms and technologies


  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Blackberry 
  • Android


  • Xamarin
  • Ionic
  • Electron
  • React native
  • Xamarin
  • HTML5
  • Swift
  • Java
  • C++
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Node Js
  • Apache Cordova
  • Widget Pad
  • Xcode
  • Genymotion
  • RhoMobile

T3technet.com is 100 percent risk free

  • Hundred percent money will be given back to you
  • Hundred plus client testimonials
  • Free trial is available
  • Robust data and IP security 
  • NDA and ownership of works 

Hire Developers

Hire developers

Recruit Stanch developers

Are you unable to find experienced and low cost developers?

Do you need developers who are niche and do not hop their job?

Are you tired of unprofessional and not reliable freelancers?

 Ways that T3technet.com deals with five major aspects 

  1. It enables you to save approximatel7 $60,000 per developer

Do you feel that if you save $60,000 per developer is not realistic?

T3technet.com does not say this but there clients make this claim.

Do you need developers that are alcove?

  • Game developers
  • CRM developers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Web, CMS and Software programmers
  • Embedded developers
  • Database Administrators

Regardless of how niche are the skills that you require in a developer, it’s our responsibility to find the developer of your dream. Despite of it being Bid data, Mobile, Php, WordPress, java or .Net. 

Are you still unsure?

If you don’t want to believe what we say, consider what our clients have to say:

Larry Spencer, the VP of Application development at Sceris, USA wished to have developers who were very niche and skillful that he hoped to save $20,000 to $30,000 on each developer in only the recruitment fees.

  • There isn’t any donkey code

Whether it is creating mobile apps which sync with servers that can address hundreds of thousands of requests or it is creating a highly stable back up software designed for insurance companies, blooming websites for ecommerce websites, the developers of T3techneh.com developers take this challenge enthusiastically and seize the opportunity to push and innovate boundaries.

  • T3technet.com provides you with a stable project

The clients of T3technet.com have had developers for more than five years, which is quite an advantage in this age and day. A huge nightmare for a project manager and business owner is developers who are inconsistent in their job but T3technet.com does not face this problem.

  • You don’t have to take the responsibility for recruitment

T3technet.com not only provides you developers of high quality. They provide these skillful developers without any payroll or overhead. We at T3technet understand that you have a business to run.

Get services A to Z from your team

You can have a developer for your every requirement

Dot Net developers

Recruit skilled experts in .Net languages such as C# and VB.NET, these experts are aware of the fundamental working of .Net runtime and .Net class libraries

Php Developers

Have developers in different PHP frameworks, they are experts in technical aspects of timely PHP versions

Web Developers

You can create websites that will transform business for great by recruiting programmers who are specialists in the formation of web applications. 

Software developers

The developers of T3technet.com cover all issues of the software development procedure

Mobile App developers

T3technet.com mobile app developers are smart with every type of technology of mobile

Java developers

The team of Java by T3technet.com give full development cycle of applications starting from concept, designing to testing.

Ajax developers

The developers are highly skilled in key areas such as CSS, HTML, document object model for presentation and dynamic usability.

Zend developers

The developers make use of their skills to form huge web portals such as social media, e commerce, networking sites and real estate.

Drupal developers

Such developers are skilled in Javascript, CSS and HTML, they are also good when it comes to drupal theme layers. 

Python developers

It’s the responsibility of python Web developers to write application that are side web 

WordPress developers

The T3technet.com developers are experts in plug in development, theme development along with WordPress customization;

Magento Developers

The magento developers of T3technet are highly experienced in dealing western clients

A user gets three free add ons when they hire from T3technetcom

  • Your launch time will be reduced my 25 to 26%  if the T3technet.com team designs your project
  • A project technical lead will be issues to you, free of any cost
  • You are given a free trial of five days to check the skills of your developer

Three beliefs that we hold onto 

Making Software development more agile

T3technet.com developers are skilled in the technology of agile development. They learned these skills from real life projects in collaboration with clients all across the world. 

The famous Agile methodologies that T3technet.com are skillful about are:

  • Lean development
  • Scrum
  • Dynamic systems development
  • Extreme programming
  • Feature driven development (FDD) 
  • Scrum

Good is the Enemy of great

In this fast world technological changes are taking place, we at T2technet.com make sure that nobody misses any single update. Before a client tests our developers we test them regularly. They take one of the toughest test in the country so they could remain on top. They quickly grasp information and are great learners. 

Its about relationships

Business is basically all about relationships so we at T3technet.com make sure that we have professional and cordial relationship with our clients

The main goal and business model of T3technet.com is created is it becomes integrated with your company in order to build a strong level of relationship with developers.

You should consider the numbers

  • Our 5000 plus software development projects have been delivered all across the world. Our clients belong to US,UK and Australia
  • Years of combined workforce suggest that the T3tecnet.com developers are clearly expert in handling these projects
  • 250 plus mobile apps have been delivered in 27 countries which suggest that you can trust your T3technet.com developer
  • There are thousand plus staunch web, software and mobile app developers
  • There are hundred types of web technologies that T3technet.com are very smart with


Benefits you get after you hire a developer from T3technet.com]


  • We meet unrealistic deadlines
  • We place great focus on commitment
  • We project through direct control

It is different from project outsourcing, here you have full control on your project. This makes sure that your project never digresses.

Experts test it

The websites and mobile apps that the developers of T3tech.net create are very safe from all kind of threats, they are tested prior to their launch

We have five hundred plus developers associated with US, UK clients

T3technet.co has thousand developers among whom more than three hundred have an experience of five years.  There are more than five hundred developers with an experience of three years 

Our developers have good linguistic skills

Our developers work for clients from the UK, US, Canada and Austrailia. The developers will not be seen fumbling on words when they communicate in English.

Graphic and Web developing

Are you searching for agile, responsive and customized solutions for graphic design?

Recruit our creative designers

Reasons you should outsource your design services to India

Graphic design and web are very significant part of a business’ brand image and strategies. Through T3technet.com you are able to recruit professionals who are expert. They can provide distinctive design solutions for businesses all across the web and graphics requirements.  

The correct design can achieve great outcomes

The graphics designers at T3technet.com will fulfil the requirements of the brand along with optimization in regard to SEO and lead conversation.

T3technet.com holds a team of experts in web designing skills and coding, they will give their clients:

  • Better customer interaction 
  • Built in features to maintain private and financial data 
  • An eye-catching look through graphics 
  • A web design that is accessible on the phone 
  • Ability to share and make use of social media

Why you should outsource your design requirements to T3technet.com

You can join hands with us to get:

  • Design solutions that are responsive that will meet the criteria of your business
  • Facilities for collaboration 
  • Qualified teams for graphics design and web entertained from an office that has a 24-hour IT administrative support
  • Sufficient time to go parallel through ISO established procedures
  • Designers who are skilful and have knowledge about the market

You can recruit designers for: 

Web design

It will help you in increasing your web presence. Your website can become innovative and eye-catching by addition of distinctive features by these designers.

Graphics design

India tends to have very talented graphics designers. They make very creative use of graphics. They can make your website look extremely eye-catching.

UI/UX Design

You can recruit designers that are very skillful and have the experience to produce extremely innovative and exclusive user interface for your applications 

Front end developer

Our designers at T3technet.com will make very user-friendly and interactive web designs. They are highly accomplished front end developers who multiply user experience

Business cards, postcards, brochures

Graphic designers at T3technet.com are very well aware of the ongoing technology and trends so they tend to provide innovative and trendy designs for you.

Logo design

You can recruit your exclusive logo designers. They will create logos that are very creative, eye catching and belong to your vision

InDesign expert 

Our designers have the experience of working on this application by Adobe.

PhotoShop expert

The photoshop experts at T3technet.com exclusively work for you making use of technology to increase the appearance of your graphics

Image editing 

If you are not satisfied with your images you can recruit experts on image editing who will through their skills make your images creative and innovative

Illustration expert

You can get lively and eye-catching illustrations from the respective illustration experts. These experts have expertise in creaing digital/graphical/technical and hand drawn illustrations.

Redesigned Websites

Redesigning can be construed as an art and our expert website designers are expert in this art. You should definitely give them the chance to revamp your website.

Email Newsletter template design

Through exclusive and lively email newsletter template designs by our designers you can give a whole new experience to your niche audience.

Multimedia and Animation

Multimedia is known to be one of the very vast fields today. For any company, today, multimedia has become an essential part in order to leave a major impact on people. Providing you with the best multimedia resources, T3technet proves its expertise in off-shore remote services by helping in all sorts of fields whether it’s about Maya, After-effects, Premiere Pro or any 2D or 3D animation. T3technet will help you find the perfect partner for you who will be a multimedia expert because our process will allow the users to hire our experts according to their requirements.

Multimedia and Animation Outsourcing Domains

To provide you with best facilities, we deal in multiple multimedia outsourcing domains.

  • Comic book designs

Deals in Photoshop, Indesign, Coral draw and illustrator to have an interesting experience reading a comic book because who doesn’t enjoy it?

  • Video Editing software

To help filmmakers and students not compromise in their post-production by using Camtasia, Aftereffects and Premiere Pro software.

  • Graphic designs

Having a detailed knowledge of software like CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop the graphic designers will help in designing logos, magazine pages, banners, business cards, brochures and posters, etc.

  • 2D animation

The skilled and English speaking 2D animators are a good choice for advertisements and games.

  • 3D animation

The 3D animators will make sure to provide you with creating the best effects in terms of lighting etc. in order to make it as realistic as it can be.

  • Animated web design

With having a great knowledge of Adobe Flash, the animated web designers will be a good option for creating banners or e-cards that will cost less money.

  • Character Design

T3technet is a great deal for people looking for sources that can create realistic characters whether they are 2D or 3D.

  • AutoCAD

Best solution for architects in order to design their projects remotely. These designers will help them build the office as well home models whether interior or exterior with the help of AutoCAD.

  • E-learning

Today with the help of technology, people can learn and attend classes such as literature or mathematical etc. electronically from anywhere that are all 3D tutorials.

  • Sound affects software

The sound booth we have will be able to create various sound effects for your normal videos to animated videos that require it.

  • DVD presentation

Looking for Photo DVD makers? Then T3technet.com is the best offer for you because we have experts who can easily create video slideshows in no time. Your remote employees will also be able to give background score as well as narration at the back.

  • TV series and commercials

To make your television commercials catchy and interesting, we have a number of graphic designers who can help you with your project by using all sorts of modern tools that will help.

  • Game design

Video game lover and have great ideas on making one? Our motto to supply our designers remotely fulfill its task here. Now your ideas won’t get wasted because our game designers can beautifully bring your ideas from paper to screen.

  • Sketch and storyboard

To all the filmmakers here, we know that storyboarding plays a very important role in a film. We heard someone said that more than half of your film is complete if your pre-production is well designed. Well, our storyboard artists will help you cover a little piece of your preproduction that we know matters a lot.

  • Promotional videos

With the advancement, people like their promotional videos to be animated  because they are catchy. Our experts will fill your project with their rich experiences in order to make it as best as it can be.

  • Logo designs

Logos are supposed to be the most different and unique. They are designed in way that the company speaks for itself through its logo. Our designers will help you create the best logo for your company.

  • User interface design

The simple and efficient the user interface design is, the more it is liked by the user. The professionals we have focus entirely on designing the software in a way that it is different and very simple.

But why should one choose animation?

With the progress in today’s world, filmmakers and people choose it for many reasons.

  • Interesting and catchy
  • High impact on the audience
  • Won’t cost a lot of money as compared to real motion videos.