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Only 50% of PCB Prototypes Prosper in the First Attempt, it is 80% at T3technet.com

The success rate of PCB prototypes is quite low that results in unintentional loss of time, money and opportunity. You get access to 2500+ accredited and tested PCB elements and footprints when you recruit an embedded system engineer from T3technet.com. In addition to that, you are awarded an opportunity to work with professional and highly skilled embedded engineers who acquire a firm understanding of embedded system solutions and design strategy.

The experts at T3technet.com make it one of the highly effective embedded systems corporations in India with their professional experience and skillfulness at work. T3technet.com reduces the overall product evolution lifecycle with an efficient embedded system development method. This results in increasing the chances of the victory of PCB prototypes. In simple words, T3technet.com is amongst the top-notch embedded systems companies in India.

T3technet.com’s Embedded Design & Development Facilities

The Embedded development team of T3technet.com has immeasurable skills in every dimension of embedded system design and development. It typically ranges from requirement accumulation, writing project architecture, design strategies, the 3D effect of PCB layout, software codes, and writing firmware to the final project compilation. All of these are done by the super-efficient team of T3technet.com.


Embedded Architect / Manager

Recruit a versatile and professional embedded architect and manager for managing your project. You get:

  1. 10+ years of experiences in architectural system
  2. Expert in strong troubleshooting
  3. Project development with end-to-end solutions


They make your life easy.

An embedded architect and manager is not only a professional but also a versatile resource who are capable of skillfully managing each and every aspect of embedded design and development that includes research and development, documentation, implantation of an idea or the final outcome.

They are trained to put their utmost efforts in every aspect of development such as IDE, R&D, protocol and microcontroller along with handling a team of developers.

T3technet.com’s experts at helping customers get license

The embedded architects and managers at T3technet.com have rich and extensive experience in each and every embedded technology. They not only have assisted in handling the great portfolio of the international clients but also helped them in applying for a license for the layouts that have originated in our offices.

The dedicated Architects and Managers from T3technet.com can do the following:

  1. Discuss, delineate and comprehend your requirements
  2. Write initial, tentative and final
    1. Design Specification Document
    1. Software Specification document
    1. Hardware Specification Document
  3. Complete involvement in technical review  to finalize the document
  4. Implementation of an idea by creating hardware and software engineer teams
  5. Handle and prove the team’s work
  6. Chart out the daily and weekly progress report
  7. Hardware-software integration by the team
  8. Project documentation, demonstration and delivery

Embedded Architects have a vast knowledge of modern technology

  1. 10+ years of experience in architectural system
  2. 10+ years of vast experience with electronics and design for embossed systems
  3. 10+ years of experience in designing and architecting to execute the embedded  system device
  4. 20+ years of experience in microcontrollers and writing device drivers for embedded devices.


Circuit and PCB design are considered to a highly complicated task that required an extreme level of expertise. T3technet.com is amongst the few embedded system companies in India that provide the service of Circuit and PCB design. They are offering the following benefits:

  1. Access to Tina, Multisim, LTSpiceIV.
  2. Expertise in tools such as Eagle, Orcad, Altium, Diptrace, 3D design, and hardware testing
  3. Chance to recruit professional embedded system engineers and project managers.


98% of PCB Design Prototypes Created by the T3technet.com Team have excelled in Field Trials

This rare milestone achieved by T3technet.com is certainly remarkable. According to a study of Mentor Graphics, o printed circuit boards, the layer counts have remained the same but the area has decreased by 33% and the weight has risen by 25%. The projects can only succeed when the entire development process is highly streamlined. For this, T3technet.com is one of the well-known PCB companies in India to join your hands with.  On recruiting professional designers from T3technet.com, you gain access to 2800+ tested PCB elements and footprints that save your time by reducing human error.

T3technet.com’s PCB Design Services

1.      Circuit Designing

If you are in search for high speed, low-level analog designs, multi-layered Circuit, and PCB designs, high frequent RF/Microwave PCB design and automating dense PCB design, you can count on T3technet.com’s Circuit and PCB design experts.

2.      PCB Design

The PCB design process is very complicated and requires a lot of skills. The PCB design engineers at T3technet.com acquire the required expertise and experience to make your products come to life during a fixed timing and budget.

3.      PCB Testing and Verification

You can avoid faulty circuit boards that can result in your loss of time with the help of the PCB design team at T3technet.com that can accredit and test the most complicated PCBs. This process includes flexural endurance testing, continuity testing, microcontroller/microprocessor testing and debugging.          

Avail These 8 Capabilities of T3technet.com’s PCB Design Engineers

  1. Documentation
  2. Memory Layout
  3. Design and Development
  4. Prototyping Facilities
  5. Design Circuits
  6. Fabrication
  7. High-density Designs
  8. Testing and Debugging

15 Key Roles of T3technet.com’s PCB Design Team

  1. Linking 3D models
  2. Fast analog and digital routing
  3. Executing the circuit on NI-ELVIS
  4. Use of Tina, Multisim or LTSpiceIV
  5. Making net classes
  6. Transforming the schematics into the board
  7. Provision of complete 3D model
  8. Establishing libraries for each project
  9. Component placement
  10. Manual routing of the board for 2, 4, 6, 10, and 12 layer PCBs
  11. Contacting analog devices
  12. Designing the schematics using Eagle, Altium, Diptrace, and Orcad
  13. Making of Gerber data
  14. Sending tested hardware to the software development team
  15. Post-production check and Hardware testing
  16. 3D component development


Recruit embedded software and firmware engineers with a vast experience in every aspect of embedded software and firmware development at 70% less price. The benefits of hiring them are as follows:

  1. Experienced in using tools such as PIC, AVR, XMOS, PSOC04, ARM and more.
  2. Access to codes and energy.
  3. 40+ years of experience in embedded firmware development.


Customized Embedded Software and Firmware

Are you struggling with the procedure of recruiting the right embedded software experts? Or the lack of right expertise affecting your revenue? If your answer is yes’ to any of these, then you must consider recruiting competitive embedded software engineers with T3technet.com.

We assist you in recruiting engineers with relevant experience of managing microcontrollers such as PSOC04, XMOS, AVR, LPC17xx, and Marvell MCU. These extremely experience resources can work on every aspect of programming languages ranging from VC++ to C#. VB.Net, LABVIEW, MATLAB R2009a, and Embedded C. They are trained with every kind of IDEs like MPLABX and KEIL uVision 4.

Choose your Embedded Software Developers

You can pick and choose any of our team members of embedded software developers. In return, we can assist you in recruiting custom skill sets from a wide variety of talent available in India.

T3technet.com’s embedded software developers

  1. Modify your application with their relevant knowledge of design
  2. Use resources to enhance the performance of your application
  3. Work on embedded platforms such as ARM
  4. Work on free RTOS, small RTOS, and Linux
  5. Write device low-level driver
  6. Write application level codes
  7. Write PC application
  8. Create high-speed software according to industry standards

T3technet.com’s embedded software and firmware developers deliver custom development solutions for:

  • Sensors
  • Controllers
  • Single-purpose Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Home Automation Devices

 The portfolio of T3technet.com’s embedded software solutions also have:

  1. Supervising and control
  2. Real-time data collection
  3. Data collection and storage
  4. Digital signal processing
  5. Microcontroller programming
  6. Real-time data processing
  7. Middleware development

Embedded Testing and Verification Engineer

Save up to 50% development time by recruiting highly skilled and experienced embedded testing and verification engineers from T3technet.com. The benefits include:

  1. Error-free system
  2. Skilled in using modern testing and verification devices
  3. Model-based testing
  4. Loop simulation for control modules


A highly skilled embedded verification engineer can decrease your time by 50%

There are many errors in an embedded system that are unable to detect until they go through the test phase. T3technet.com’s embedded testing and verification engineers utilize the verification devices throughout the development process to highlight the design errors beforehand.

T3technet.com has an in house team of skilled and professional verification engineers that you can recruit. They are skilled in test scripts, test automation and delivering system. They are trained with modern tools such as NI-ELVIS-II, Function Generators, Data Logger, Digital Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzers. However, we do not have these tools but we can easily work with the customer if they provide us with them.

T3technet.com’s embedded testing and verification skills:

  1. Module integration testing
  2. Hardware Power testing
  3. Post-production check
  4. Creation of Report
  5. Hardware testing with MCU code
  6. Hardware and Software integration

Tools used by engineers:

  1. Logic Analyzers
  2. Digital Oscilloscope
  3. Function Generators
  5. Date Logger


1.      Database of Verified Components:

T3technet.com – a renowned embedded system company in India gives you access to a large database of 2500+ verified and tested elements and footprints, making sure that your PCB board excels in the very first try.

2.      Extremely Talented Resources:

T3technet.com’s architect is amongst the co-inventors in the United States Patents owned and files by our current customers.

3.      Unparalleled Development Speed:

Our T3technet.com’s engineers transform eight concepts into circuit and hardware each month, resulting in the production of 96 newly accumulated PCBs every year without a break.

4.      In-Depth Skills:

You can recruit highly professional and talented resources with a variety of expertise. We can assist you in hiring embedded software developers without any hassle at the lowest price in the country.

Some projects handled by T3technet.com’s embedded team

  1. High Db Sound detection and alert system
  2. 32-bit microcontroller board
  3. 32 bit Linux board
  4. Sensor board
  5. Wireless boards
  6. Single-phase energy meters
  7. PSU (Power supply Unit) Design

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