Does T3technet has the option if I want to hire a bigger team for my project?

Yes, with sufficient infrastructure we have a well organized team and set up in order to help you with all time sizes. This way you can choose how many members you want to help you with your project. All of them will be highly qualified and experienced, because quality is something we never compromise in.

To add more to this you will be glad to know that we also have separate rooms for our clients if you want to keep your ideas and projects confidential. We respect our client’s privacy and for this reason we have this facility provided.

What type of software and hardware are provided to your employees?

T3technet provides its employees with best and up to date software and hardware facilities in order to keep both the client as well as their employee satisfied. However, to assure you what faculties we have, we made separate lists to help you have a better insight.


  • Skype web cam
  • Headphones or earphones
  • Printers and scanners
  • Fax machine
  • TFT monitors
  • Strong powerful PCs and laptops
  • Dual or even three screen systems for clients who work on large scales.


  • Common office softwares
  • Windows XP
  • Windows operating system that is license-free.
  • Separate rooms available for conferences and video recording too.

If I ask you to provide my employee with extra hardware or software options, will it be possible?

If you want to get additional hardware or software options you need to speak to our Client Account managers to check if the things required will be easily available or not. Apart from that, softwares that are commonly used can be provided easily.

How much time will you take to scale?

T3technet can quickly scale several employees even at a very short notice. Although our rates may vary in two factors.

  • The nature of the skill that the client wants to hire.
  • The years of experience the client is looking for.


How many days will it take for T3technet to terminate the services for us?

Since our services need time and they cannot be terminated within the first month after employment, you will have to give 15 days’ notice and time in order to terminate our services.

How quickly can you terminate the contract?

You can terminate the contract only after giving a 15 days written notice to the other party. It can either be by the client of the party/company. It works both ways.

Is longer notice period available from your website in case of termination of the services?

Yes, our company can facilitate their clients if they want a longer notice period in case of termination of the contract. Such a request can be accommodated and you need not to worry about the 15 days notice period time duration.

Working with the T3technet employee

Can I test or give a trial before hiring my employee?

Yes, if you want to test your employee before hiring him, you can have a 4 hour trial that is free. But if you want to exceed your trial period time then remember that you will have to pay for that.

Is there a replacement option if any case my employee leaves?

No. Unfortunately we do not offer the replacement option. Although if you are working on a big project and working in a team then the team members will be asked to divide the work accordingly.

Can I also train my employee in case I want to?

Yes, the separate conference rooms are designed especially for you if you want to impart training to your employee. Apart from that, you can also use the Skype webcam facility and telephone etc. for this purpose.

Can I visit my employee at T3technet anytime I want?

Yes, if you are working with one of our employees and want to visit our office, you can easily do that anytime you want without any permission. All you have to do is inform our Human Resource managers about your visiting schedule so they can happily welcome you.

What possible ways are there if I want to communicate with my employee?

You can use whatever means of communication is easy for you. No matter what country you belong, we can also provide our employees with a local telephone number to make it easy for you to contact them via phone or email. Video conferencing, Skype and other messengers can also be used to communicate with your employee.

How do you guys monitor my employee’s work progress?

Making sure if your employee is present and working properly at their workstation is something that we take care of. However we do not monitor their progress and output since that can also be confidential between the client and the employee. The client has to take care and keep an eye on the project’s status.

Is it possible for an employee to come to my country if I plan on imparting onsite training?

Yes, it is possible for you to ask your employee to visit your country/city if you want to give him extra training and exposure regarding your project.

How do I make sure that the employee is only working for me?

By keeping a daily check on your project and your project’s progress, you can ensure that your employee is working for you only. For this you can always contact your employee during office hours and this will help you get updated about the progress he makes in an 8 hour shift.

What shifts can my employee take or work in?

Your employee’s shift hours depends on you only. But it can be either one of the three options available.

  • Indian shift hours
  • Overlapping shift hours
  • Shift hours that suits you.

Is there a possibility of seeing or checking any previous work or sample of the employee before hiring?

Yes, we also provide samples to clients who need them. This way it will become easier for you to choose for your employee or candidate.

Is it possible for me to work with more than one employee?

Yes, it all depends on your project’s requirements. And in this case you can easily work with more than one employee if needed.

How are employees supervised by you?’

Our Human Resource department takes best care when it comes to supervising your employee. With the help of our biometric facility, we keep detailed check on the employees to see if they are coming on time or not. Their attendance is always observed and the CCTV cameras make sure that they work in their workstations.

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