Multimedia and Animation

Multimedia is known to be one of the very vast fields today. For any company, today, multimedia has become an essential part in order to leave a major impact on people. Providing you with the best multimedia resources, T3technet proves its expertise in off-shore remote services by helping in all sorts of fields whether it’s about Maya, After-effects, Premiere Pro or any 2D or 3D animation. T3technet will help you find the perfect partner for you who will be a multimedia expert because our process will allow the users to hire our experts according to their requirements.

Multimedia and Animation Outsourcing Domains

To provide you with best facilities, we deal in multiple multimedia outsourcing domains.

  • Comic book designs

Deals in Photoshop, Indesign, Coral draw and illustrator to have an interesting experience reading a comic book because who doesn’t enjoy it?

  • Video Editing software

To help filmmakers and students not compromise in their post-production by using Camtasia, Aftereffects and Premiere Pro software.

  • Graphic designs

Having a detailed knowledge of software like CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop the graphic designers will help in designing logos, magazine pages, banners, business cards, brochures and posters, etc.

  • 2D animation

The skilled and English speaking 2D animators are a good choice for advertisements and games.

  • 3D animation

The 3D animators will make sure to provide you with creating the best effects in terms of lighting etc. in order to make it as realistic as it can be.

  • Animated web design

With having a great knowledge of Adobe Flash, the animated web designers will be a good option for creating banners or e-cards that will cost less money.

  • Character Design

T3technet is a great deal for people looking for sources that can create realistic characters whether they are 2D or 3D.

  • AutoCAD

Best solution for architects in order to design their projects remotely. These designers will help them build the office as well home models whether interior or exterior with the help of AutoCAD.

  • E-learning

Today with the help of technology, people can learn and attend classes such as literature or mathematical etc. electronically from anywhere that are all 3D tutorials.

  • Sound affects software

The sound booth we have will be able to create various sound effects for your normal videos to animated videos that require it.

  • DVD presentation

Looking for Photo DVD makers? Then is the best offer for you because we have experts who can easily create video slideshows in no time. Your remote employees will also be able to give background score as well as narration at the back.

  • TV series and commercials

To make your television commercials catchy and interesting, we have a number of graphic designers who can help you with your project by using all sorts of modern tools that will help.

  • Game design

Video game lover and have great ideas on making one? Our motto to supply our designers remotely fulfill its task here. Now your ideas won’t get wasted because our game designers can beautifully bring your ideas from paper to screen.

  • Sketch and storyboard

To all the filmmakers here, we know that storyboarding plays a very important role in a film. We heard someone said that more than half of your film is complete if your pre-production is well designed. Well, our storyboard artists will help you cover a little piece of your preproduction that we know matters a lot.

  • Promotional videos

With the advancement, people like their promotional videos to be animated  because they are catchy. Our experts will fill your project with their rich experiences in order to make it as best as it can be.

  • Logo designs

Logos are supposed to be the most different and unique. They are designed in way that the company speaks for itself through its logo. Our designers will help you create the best logo for your company.

  • User interface design

The simple and efficient the user interface design is, the more it is liked by the user. The professionals we have focus entirely on designing the software in a way that it is different and very simple.

But why should one choose animation?

With the progress in today’s world, filmmakers and people choose it for many reasons.

  • Interesting and catchy
  • High impact on the audience
  • Won’t cost a lot of money as compared to real motion videos.

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