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Let’s suppose you have clicked on a website. The visually appealing design catches your attention. Then you start going through the content…and wince. The poor content diminishes the initial impression that the website succeeded in cheating on you. You hit the close button because of utter disappointment.

Sounds familiar?

That’s how the written word on the web strongly impacts you, even today. Hence the phrase, ’Content is King’ was coined for a purpose, denoting the fact that the content continues to rule the online space.

The Art of Copywriting:

Your targeted clients will review your content for just about 8 seconds before moving on to something else, or maybe something better. You merely have eight seconds to capture the attention of your audience, persuade them and transform them into your reliable customers.

You can pull it off with’s professional content writers who have honed their skills in winning 35 formulas for creating headlines. You do not need to recruit a freelance writer anymore when you have’s highly skilled resources just one click away.

Versatile Writers: is a hub of content writing services that are highly cost effective. You will get to find various experts in almost every industry to write content – be it lifestyle, fashion, travel, real estate or software solutions.

With the help of, you give your brand credibility along with the powering up of your presence on Google search engine. Our unique keyword-centric SEO content writing strategies help you in enhancing your brand.

From press release writing services to blog writing services, T3technet’s content experts offer every kind of content solution you brand needs while you get to save 70% in costs.

Type of Content:

Website & SEO Content

Get keyword-centric content with our website content writer to power up your Google search engine results (SERPs).

Social Media Content:

Reach out to your targeted audience through catchy content for your various social media platforms.

Articles and Blogs:

We provide well-researched articles and blog posts on every niche for your websites.

White Papers:

We provide professional convincing and authoritative white papers that are composed after thorough research.

Landing Pages for Paid Campaigns:

Attract visitors on your landing/PPC pages to click the ‘Call-to-Action’ button through engaging, convincing and powerful content.

Legal Content:’s writers are well aware of the legal systems internationally. They can manage all kinds of legal writing requirements.

Technical and Medical:’s content team can bring to the creative limelight in highly niche fields ranging from engineering reviews to documenting surgical methods.

Press Releases and Newsletters:

You can rule the online media through news-relevant content from journalists as part of’s press release writing services.

EBooks, Brochures and Presentation:

Get information-rich brochures, appealing MS PowerPoint presentations and publish your own eBooks with’s writing wizards.


Captivate your audience with the highly impactful speech written by’s wordsmiths.

Travel and Lifestyle:

Attract the audience to your online social media pages with enticing and winning content.

CVs and Cover Letters:

Get your dream job with the powerful and convincing CV along with the neatly written cover letter that enhances your persona.

Product and Service Descriptions: make sure that your products and services catch the attention of your customers by means of engagingly worded descriptions.

Editing and Proofreading:

Highly professional editors having an in-depth knowledge of the media world, are able to transform your rough drafts and concepts into intriguing pieces of content.

Book Pitches:’s team helps you in drafting a powerful pitch that will wow publishers.


Entice your readership with the online and offline fiction that has a powerful dose of creativity and language expertise.

Movie Scripts: gives a powerful dimension to your movie idea with a strong script that will turn your idea into a must-watch flick.

Know Your Team:

Your writers come with a powerful combination of expertise, experience, artistry, and speed. The following numbers will show you why you need our writers for content writing services.

  1. 15 editors, proofreaders, professional writers
  2. 150+ years of experience
  3. 170+ white papers and eBooks delivered to customers from the US, UK, and Australia
  4. 200+ info-graphics designed and delivered for customers.
  5. 15000+ words written on average every day

Good Content is a Key to Digital Marketing Success:

To rule over the highly competitive digital marketing space, you need the flawless content that can help you in surpassing your rivals in a matter of second. In order to do that, you need’s professional content writers.

Since the content writing and digital marketing overlap so closely, provide you with content writers who can not only produce impeccable content for any digital marking activity but also get it done with a deep insight and experience.

Six Wining Digital Marketing Strategies:

1.      Storytelling

Entice your audience with a powerful story they cannot resist.’s content writers craft words and phrases in order to touch the right chords with your targeted audience. Our content writers are well versed with the techniques of storytelling and they can help script videos and more.

2.      Value Prepositions helps you developing your own very appealing and convincing value prepositions so that your clients thoroughly comprehend why they must go with you. Most of the companies do not focus on creating a powerful value proposition which is the foundation of all marketing content. However, can take charge of that and help you in crafting your desired value proposition.

3.      Help instead of sell:

The worst scenarios are that when companies try to sell instead of help through their corporate blogs.’s content writers will help you in rising from the clutter and turning heads of people with your uniquely different style.

4.      Influence your audience:

You have merely eight seconds to grab the attention of your audience and keep them stayed on your website for a longer time. With the right words and phrases written by’s writers, you will be able to do that.

5.      Convincing Copywriting:

The compelling copywriting is the key to every good landing pages and advertisements. We can do the following for you:

  1. Highlighting the benefit in your ad.
  2. Usage of persuasive headlines
  3. Get higher click through rates
  4. Low bounce rates landing pages

6.      The psychology of human motivation:’s writers are trained to trigger human emotions through convincing and appealing copywriting.

Four Benefits of

  1. We provide sample articles for checking before you recruit a content writer from
  2. You get 100% ownership of the content from our content writers that will make your brand stand out.
  3.’s Content Head is an author and ex-journalist with certifications in copywriting and value prepositions.
  4. writers have in-depth knowledge of global writing styles such as AP, AFP, BBC and Chicago Manual.’s flexible hiring models:

1.      Full-Time Model

Choose a writer to work exclusively for you on a full-time basis.

2.      Part-Time Model:

You can also recruit resources on a part-time basis.

3.      Ad-hoc Model:

Choose our Ad-hoc model when the volume of work changes where you pay as you consume.

4.      Team Model:

For your project that need multiple writers, choose our team model.

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